Looking for someone to build a website?

Hi!  My name is Sandy Modesitt and I work full time in the web world.  But in my free time, I craft websites by customizing WordPress themes.  This means quick turnaround and costs are kept down while producing a high-quality product.

Some Facts About Me:

  • Over 20 years of web development
  • 5 years WordPress experience
  • Extensive database experience
  • WCAG Accessibility Knowledge
  • Member of National Association of Government Web Professionals
  • Detail oriented

Sandy Modesitt

Web Developer

I’ve been working on web applications since the late 1990s – my first project was deployed to a global team of over 3000 technical support engineers.  I started full-time web work in 2004 at a marketing firm and have continued evolving through the web field as the web itself has evolved.  After a stint as a ‘working’ manager of web developers, I am back into full-time web development.  In addition to web development work, I taught web development at DeVry University in the early 2000s (during which the Netscape 6 upgrade required a complete re-work of the class!)


Why Build Your Website With Me?


My goal is to keep current with current web trends.  As a result, I’ll ensure that your website  is visually appealing while meeting accessibility standards, provides security from spammers and hackers and keeps up with trends in view-ability of websites on various devices.

Reasonable Costs

My usual method is to customize a WordPress theme; making the cost of creating a website reasonable.  By selecting flexible themes, the cost of design from scratch is reduced.


I love the web and will work to make sure I meet your schedule for launching your website.  In today’s world, a quick Google search is often the way that people find websites and having your website launched on time will ensure it is there when your business needs it.


I’ve been in software development for my entire career and pride myself in keeping up with current technologies.  This means that I know what web trends are happening and can advise you on what you need to make sure your website is easily found, information is easy to interpret and provides you accessible to your customers.


Check Out My Work

When creating your website, I will:

  • Optimize your website for Search Engines so it is easily found.
  • Ensure it is accessible to all visitors by meeting W3C Accessibility Standards
  • Add security features to reduce bot and spam activity
  • Select a theme that is responsive to all devices/screens so your site can be viewed by everyone
  • Set up Google Analytics for your site so you can understand visitor traffic

Website Development

- WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript -

Website Development

WordPress is my usual method for deploying websites but my extensive development experience allows me to cross into other technologies easily.

Online Marketing

- SEO, SMM, AdWords -

Online Marketing

Search engine optimization and online marketing ensure your business is found easily by your customer base.


6 Short Steps Towards Your
Brand New Website
  • 1. Discussion

    First, we’ll discuss what you are looking for in your website, what styles you prefer, what your branding looks like.

  • 2. Planning

    Next step is for me to compare your needs against potential themes and have you select a design that appeals to you.

  • 3. Design

    I’ll install the theme and incorporate the design features, colors and elements that you selected.  Options will be reviewed and selections made.  At this point, accessibility testing is performed and tweaks to colors or element functionality are made.

  • 4. Content Incorporation

    At this point, content is incorporated into the design.  Once the content is complete on the site, Search Engine Optimization elements are incorporated.

  • 5. Testing and Tweaking

    All of the design and content will be tested and tweaks made to both as needed.

  • 6. Website Is Ready!

    Launch of the website!


Reasonable prices for small businesses!


Nice & Quick

Work is completed on an hourly rate of $50 per hour.  I will provide updates on progress and hours worked on a weekly basis.  Smaller websites usually run between $500 and $1000.



Updates and Improvements

Updates to versions of PHP, WordPress, Theme and Plugins are performed on a regular basis and can be billed on a monthly or per-hour basis.

Monthly or Hourly

Ongoing maintenance is negotiable


Contact Me Today!

Email is the best way to reach me.  From there, we can meet in a coffee shop or library to discuss the website.  Since I am employed full-time, I work on the websites in the evenings and on weekends.

Naperville, IL, USA




Web Developer